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What's GuitarGlam?

You're creative. We're creative. Let's make beautiful music together.
You've played the gigs, written the songs, maxed out the credit cards, and signed away who-knows-what to get this far. Every part of your rig, your wardrobe, and your marketing is meant to let your listeners know who you are. GuitarGlam is for the great many of us who want to express ourselves in yet another way but can't afford a custom shop rig or haven't yet heard that call offering us a signature model of our very own. That's great, but what actually is GuitarGlam? It's an eye-catching guitar customization; a monochrome vinyl marvel that lets your gear stand apart from your bandmates and other artists. It goes beyond saying 'here is my favorite colour', and says pretty much anything else you want it to. Guitar decal, guitar sticker; call it whatever you want, we call them GuitarGlam. Every glam is cut to order from high quality clean-peel, matte vinyl so when the thing you want to say today is no longer relevant (or you want to change up that gear for a new investment), you can peel the glam off and be left with your pristine finish. No gluey goop or paper residue to irritate its next owner.
Can't Find What You're After? Try Custom.
Well that just figures doesn't it. That's just too bad. Pick something we already have in stock. There, you've been told... Ok, so maybe we can work something out. Let's talk about your options.
Can't Find What You're After? Try Custom.
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Custom Option 1 - Artist
If you'd like a custom glam, we can do that. Give us a vector graphic, send us some raster art, or pass us a hastily scribbled sketch. We can work with any of them and make your glam for a flat fee. We post your glam for others and credit you as the artist. We're nice that way.
Custom Option 1 - Artist
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Custom Option 2 - Signature
At its core it's essentially the same as the ‘Artist’ option. We produce a glam for you, but we won't sell it to other customers. It's all yours, baby. You can place future orders for your Signature glam at a standard glam price.
Custom Option 2 - Signature
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This is not an actual review. It's 5 stars so something must be good. Pretend I said something clever.
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Nobody thinks a place with all 5 star reviews is credible, so here's a 1-starer to help us maintain that illusion.
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Free shipping on orders of $30 or more
We're not part of the giant ecom machine. That means we had to make deals with some pretty shady characters to offer a free shipping alternative. Of course, you're a musician so you know the drill. You're welcome.


Do y'all do returns?
We don't do returns. Glams are sorta a consumable item as removal will likely distort or destroy them. Keep what we sent you. If you aren't happy with your purchase, reach out to us and we'll work something out. Contact us:
What can I put a glam on?
The adhesive works best on smooth surfaces. It will also adhere to a painted wall. We discourage installation on unfinished wood as the hold is not as effective. We've also had good results on ABS guitar cases with careful installation. Avoid installation on tolex as adherence is not sufficient.
Can you print colours?
We do offer our glams in a variety of colours. We don't currently print graphics on vinyl. The aesthetic we're aiming for is a silhouette monochrome glam. Some of our glams can be produced in multiple pieces of vinyl of different colours. This makes the manufacturing and installation process more complex, but it's achievable (an example would be the Convergence series). Contact us if there is something you'd like that's more than one colour and off the menu.
Do you do trademarked material?
We have our favourite brands/bands too. Line 6, Yamaha, Scooby-Doo, Mutemath, Sloan, Oasis, The Beatles, Noel Gallagher's Flying Birds, and The Police are just scratching the surface of a very long list of brands we'd love to offer. While we do our best to offer designs that pay homage to these brands, we don't currently have licensing agreements with any of them. If this changes, you'll know pronto.
Where can I buy GuitarGlam locally?
For now we don't have agreements with any musical instrument dealers. You can only order GuitarGlam online through our shop or one of our social media outlets. If that changes, we'll shout it from the rooftops.
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Our modest manufacturing facility is located in the boonies, just outside of Fredericton, New Brunswick. All of our glams are made in Canada.
Our Address
189 Brandon St, Rusagonis NB
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